A Warning from the City Wall

March 6, 2009 at 7:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

By Robin G. Jordan

Bishop Bob Duncan recently announced that the Inaugural Provincial Assembly of the new Anglican Church in North America to be held in Bedford, Texas had been moved up to June 22, 2009. In his announcement Bishop Duncan stated that the meeting would be more like the annual Winter AMiA Conference than the General Convention of The Episcopal Church. The last two items on the agenda would “the consideration of the ratification of the (Provisional) Constitution” and “the consideration of the ratification of a Code of Canons.” The meeting will be what I anticipated in my article, “The ACNA Constitution: What You See Is What You Get,” a carefully orchestrated media event at which those groups of churches wishing to become constituent bodies of the ACNA will be invited to ratify the seriously-flawed provisional constitution and an expanded version of the provisional canons.

The rest of this article is posted on the Internet at: http://anglicansablaze.blogspot.com/2009/03/warning-from-city-wall.html



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  1. It would be wise for the constituents of the new Province to adopt the Articles of Religion, and simultaneously adopt the Heidelberg Catechism as the catechism for instruction. Furthermore, The Missals must be banned, and the 1662 BCP adopted/adapted as the Liturgy of the Church.
    The formularies of the new Church should be: the Articles, the Homilies, and the Ordinal. These should be publicly signed by every Minister and deacon! Other Reformation Creeds and Confessions should be granted supplemental status. In short Anglo-Catholicism should be banned. Charles

  2. Charles:

    I continue to be the in-house cynic. Your counsel is commendable. I would add Ussher’s Irish Articles. But I cannot sea the ACNA as moving in the direction you noted, not with 3 of 4 dioceses led by AC Churchmen. This will be a broad church movement, front to back end.

    I wish I were wrong, but don’t see it. Some hot and heavy firefights in a few venues. AC’s are not going to roll over.


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